Samsung's Budget Galaxy Z Fold S Rumored With Flexible OLED And 360-Degree Hinge

samsung galaxy z fold2 unfolded
Bop it, twist it, fold it? Among the trends of folding phones, Samsung could be entering the folding phone foray once more. New rumors are floating about that Samsung has a “3rd foldable family member” in the chamber next year as the Z Fold S with a flexible OLED screen and a 360-degree hinge.

Back in August, we reported on a possible budget line of folding phones from Samsung, but now it seems some new rumors are afoot. Twitter user @folduniverse dug into the rumors of this new folding phone from Samsung in his tweet below.
The first thing of note is the 360-degree hinge with “outfold” and “infold,” like the Surface Duo. Also, like the Duo, the screens must fold inward so you can safely put the device in your pocket. The rumor is that a glass covering outside the device will give it a premium feel. The Surface Duo will also have a glass exterior for protection and premium feel. So far, the device seems close to a 1:1 match-up with the Surface Duo.
surface duo
Surface Duo

However, the big difference between the devices is the rumored flexible OLED screen on the Z Fold S. Instead of two screens, such as on the Surface Duo, the Z Fold S would just have one. Before these rumors, Samsung has had issues with durability and longevity with singular screens that fold. Perhaps Samsung has improved the technology, but the Surface Duo could take the lead with its two screens being more robust. Ultimately, though, we cannot pass judgment until the devices are out in the wild, so we will wait until then.

It is speculated that these devices will be launching around the same time frame, so Microsoft and Samsung will likely be going head to head on who can make a better device. Will it be Samsung who has had issues with folding devices in the past, or Microsoft who will enter the arena with limited experience and others' knowledge? Hopefully, we will get to take a look at these devices in 2021, so you can decide which is the better folding phone.