Samsung's Galaxy S9 Leaked In Augmented Reality Thanks To 'Unpacked 2018' App

There is not a lot of mystery surrounding the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus at this point. Numerous leaks and rumors have pretty revealed all there is to know about Samsung's upcoming flagship phones, barring a last minute surprise or two of course. Even so, something new has emerged in the final stretch leading up to the launch—Samsung plans to show off its Galaxy S9 phones in augmented reality at Mobile World Congress.

Samsung Galaxy S9
Source: XDA Developers

This new tidbit was revealed through Samsung's recently released Unpacked 2018 app. Samsung built the app for registered users and those who receive an invite. However, it can be used by any Android device owner to view Samsung's live stream event that is coming up.

Since the app is already available, users have had a chance to play around with it. Inside the app is an augmented reality feature. This allows users to scan the Samsung logo or box of a Samsung product to see teasers of the event. It's a nifty idea, except that it ended up revealing more than Samsung intended.

A user on Reddit decompiled the app and ultimately uncovered 3D models of the Galaxy S9 in AR. It took a bit of work—the images were not actually hidden in the app itself, but on Samsung's website. This meant having to modify the Unpacked 2018 app and a proxy to download the 3D models.

The images that were subsequently obtained confirm a new color option called "Lilac Purple." They also show a Bixby button, in case there was any doubt there would be one, a hole down the middle of the speaker grill that is rumored to be part of the AKG Tuning feature on the Galaxy S9's dual speaker arrangement, and a new location for the fingerprint scanner.

This is probably the last big leak, as Samsung is planning to formally introduce its new flagship phones on Sunday, February 25.