Samsung Galaxy S6 ‘Project Zero’ Rumored To Bring Big Changes To The Next Big Thing

Samsung is always talking about the next big thing, though barring any surprises, the company is out of major product releases for the rest of the year. That means the next big thing is coming in 2015, and already there are hints that Samsung is planning to make a big splash with its successor to the Galaxy S5, its current flagship handset and one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Since it's never too early to speculate, let's go over what we know (or don't know) about the Galaxy S6.

Officially, we know absolutely nothing about the Galaxy S6. Unofficially, however, we're anxious to see what Samsung has in store, because it could be the most significant smartphone release in the company's history. That's a big statement given the lack of information, but let us explain.

Galaxy S5
Rumor has it the Galaxy S6 will look completely different from previous Galaxy devices, like the S5 shown above

Citing unnamed sources, Sammobile says the Galaxy S6 is in the early stages of development, which itself isn't earth shattering news. However, the sources say Samsung is running "Project Zero" as the codename. That's significant because it deviates from Samsung's pattern of using letters for codenames, like Project J (Galaxy S4) Project H (Galaxy Note 3), Project K (Galaxy S5), and so forth.

Why the change? Apparently Samsung is building an entirely new device. Whereas the Galaxy S5 was an extension of the Galaxy S4 and on down the line, the Galaxy S6 will be such a big change in design that it warrants a catchy codename like Project Zero to reflect that it's going to be something entirely different.

That might be a disappointment to diehard fans of the Galaxy S series, but after selling less Galaxy S5 devices than expected and posting a 74 percent year-over-year drop in mobile profit last quarter, it's not difficult to see why Samsung is willing to try something brand new.