Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Fully Revealed In Massive Photo Leak

There have been more Samsung Galaxy S6 leaks than a submarine with a screen door. We're not sure if these are all controlled leaks, something Apple is known when leading up to the launch of a major new product, but they're coming just as fast and furious. The latest is a batch of photos of what looks to be a final version of the Galaxy S6.

It's not known who leaked the photos, though presumably it would have to be someone that's either on the inside at Samsung or has close relations with the South Korean handset maker. Either way, kudos to the leaker for obtaining mostly clear photos instead of the blurry rubbish that typically gets posted online prior to a product's official announcement.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Leaked Photos

There are a few things to note about the photos. One is that the home button is larger than before. This is something that was previously rumored, but you can now consider it confirmed, if accepting that these pictures are the real deal.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Sides

It's also noticeable that the overall design, which strikes a strong resemblance to Apple's iPhone 6 from some angles, is pretty much in agreement with prior case designs that have leaked to the web. Overall, there aren't many surprises here, just visual affirmations of what the web at large thinks it already knows about the Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6 Devices

In a separate but related leak, you can see the rumored Galaxy S6 Edge laying next to the Galaxy S6. This is the first full-on shot of the Galaxy S6 Edge that we're aware of, and one thing that's interesting to note is that the curved portion of the display is a continuation of the main display. That's a different approach than the one employed on the Galaxy Note Edge, which has a set of icons on the curved portion of the display.