Samsung Galaxy S5 Reportedly Skyrockets To 10 Million Units Shipped In Only 25 Days

Though it didn't ship with every fancy new feature that was rumored and speculated prior to its official launch, the Galaxy S5 smartphone from Samsung isn't having trouble finding an audience. A Korean news website is reporting that Samsung shipped around 10 million Galaxy S5 devices in just 25 days.

If that's accurate, it means the Galaxy S5 is outpacing the previous generation Galaxy S4, which itself was (and remains) a highly popular handset in the Android space. It took the Galaxy S4 slightly longer -- 27 days -- to reach the same number of shipments. And in case you're wondering, the Galaxy S3 reached 10 million shipments after 50 days, versus the Galaxy S2 and S taking 5 months and 7 months, respectively, according to

Galaxy S5

At this pace, the Galaxy S5 could surpass total shipments of the Galaxy S4 (40 million) and Galaxy S3 (60 million). What's interesting about the report is it comes after there's speculation that the Galaxy S5 hadn't been selling up the expectations of Samsung, which apparently decided to replace the head of its mobile design team last week.

One of the few complaints we had when reviewing the Galaxy S5 was that the build quality remains slightly lower than its top competitors. However, that gripe didn't prevent us from giving it an Editor's Choice award based on its stellar feature-set.