Samsung Galaxy S4 Races to 4 Million Shipments in Five Days

Unofficially speaking, Samsung's Galaxy S4 device boarded a rocket ship and blasted off to four million shipments in just five days, qualifying it as the South Korean handset maker's fastest-selling smartphone to date. Why unofficially? Well, news of the spectacular shipment numbers comes from The Chosun Ilbo, a daily news site in Korea, rather than from an official Samsung press release.

The news site does, however, quote an un-named Samsung executive as saying, " As of the end of April, we supplied four million Galaxy S4 handsets to telecommunications operators around the world."

Samsung Galaxy S4

Assuming the site truly talked to an executive and that he knows what he's talking about, this is quite an accomplishment for Samsung. To add a bit of perspective to the feat, it took Samsung nearly three months to ship 3 million Galaxy S1 handsets, 55 days for the same number of Galaxy S2 devices, and 21 days for the Galaxy S3.

Heading into last weekend, the same executive figures Samsung has sold 6 million Galaxy S4 smartphones and figures it will hit the 10 million mark by the end of May.