Samsung Galaxy S3 Sales Skip to 10 Million Units in Under Two Months

Samsung has to be thrilled with the pace at which its Galaxy S3 smartphones are flying off of store shelves. The handset maker has reportedly sold more than 10 million Galaxy S3 devices around the globe in just under two months since the smartphone's official release, or so claims Shin Jong-kyun, president of Samsung's Information Technology and Mobile Communications division.

Speaking with reporters in Korea, Jong-kyun revealed the sales milestone, though stopped short of saying exactly how many devices it has sold to date. At the 10 million mark, however, that breaks down to about 190,000 Galaxy S3 smartphones every 24 hours. For the sake of comparison, it took the Galaxy S2 five months to sell 10 million units.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone

Timing is on Samsung's side, at least for now. Samsung's main rival, Apple, has yet to announce its next iPhone model, which is expected to go toe-to-toe with the Galaxy S3 once it arrives. There have been rumors that an iPhone 5 model could come out as early as August, though an October or September launch is far more likely.