Samsung Galaxy S24 Owners Call First Dibs On Google Cloud's Gemini Pro AI Tech

samsung galaxy gemini hero
Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series is getting compelling features thanks to Google’s Gemini AI, alongside the usual hardware upgrades, that should make them a solid smartphone option. Google says that this partnership means that Galaxy S24 users will be the first to experience quicker access to information with improvements to how search works on the phone, and that messaging will get important upgrades as well.

Galaxy S24 users will see Gemini in action in two different ways. First, users will get access to what Google refers to as one of their best models, the multimodal Gemini Pro running on Vertex AI. This model will appear across several Samsung-provided apps such as Notes, which will get better summarization features. On-device AI tasks will be handled by Gemini Nano, which Google says is meant for tasks where data doesn’t leave your device, such as Google Messages.

samsung galaxy gemini body

Search on the Galaxy S24 will be getting Google’s new Circle to Search feature too, which lets users search for something without needing to switch between apps. Google says that with this new feature “you can now select images, videos or text on your phone that you’re curious to learn more about with a simple gesture — whether that’s circling, highlighting, scribbling or tapping anything on your screen.” Of course, Gemini will play a role in delivering search results.

Messaging on the Galaxy S24 will get a boost thanks to Gemini Nano, allowing users to get access to Magic Compose and Photomoji. Magic Compose “helps you craft unique messages in different styles — like excited, formal or even lyrical” says Google. Meanwhile, Photomoji “lets you create a new emoji from your own photos using generative AI.”

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 might look very similar to the S23, however, it should provide some differentiation thanks to this partnership with Google.