Samsung Galaxy S23 Leak Reveals Flatter Display And A Big Storage Upgrade, All We Know

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Another leak based on insider information is claiming that the pending Samsung Galaxy S23 will have a more squared off design with a flatter display, and greater base storage. Samsung has definitely been listening to their fans.

Popular tipster Ahmed Qwaider posted on Twitter indicating that the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will have a storage boost over the current generation. It seems that based on supposedly insider intel, the Samsung S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra will have 256GB of storage, doing away with the 128GB offered in the S22 lineup. The internal storage bump is a welcome addition, but at the same time could be a necessity to support higher resolution images from the camera package. (The S23 Ultra will continue to offer 512GB and 1TB variants, just like before.)

Render shared by @AhmedQwaider888 on Twitter

Probably the bigger revelation by Qwaider is his claim that the S23 Ultra will eschew the love-it-or-hate-it curved edge glass of the current Ultra. Curved glass may initially look and feel nice, giving the display a waterfall and bezel-less effect. For larger phones like the S22 Ultra, the curved edge and the weight did not make for good long-term comfort in the hand. Just as importantly, it was more susceptible to breaking than flat screens, not to mention more difficult (and more expensive) to find screen protectors for proper coverage.

A subsequent leak today from Ice Universe seemingly confirms Qwaider's render. The photo shared by Ice Universe also shows significantly flattened edges with a much sharper curve. The image does appear to be heavily pieced together or otherwise edited to obscure identifying information, so keep that in mind.

samsung galaxy s23 ice universe
Image shared by @UniverseIce on Twitter

What's exciting here is that Samsung heard the cries and complaints from its users. Now, based on the renders, we don't think the edge of display is completely flat, but it's a major step forward in terms of aesthetics and usability. S-Pen users may find the flatter display easier to doodle and write on. The renders also point to cleaner, squared-off corners around the frame and back, reminding us a lot of Sony Xperia Z-series phones. Rounding off the rear is the almost spider eye arrangement of camera sensors (108MP, two 12MP, and 2MP shooters).