Further Evidence Of Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Appears In Leaked Benchmarks

Samsung Galaxy S10e
Rumors of a Galaxy S10 Lite have persisted, even after Samsung unveiled a Galaxy S10e model (as shown above), which some of the pre-release leaks probably referred to. Will there actually be a Galaxy S10 Lite added to the lineup, though? An interesting benchmark entry over at Geekbench suggests it is a real possibility.

The database entry shows "Samsung SM-G770F" as the model. Such a model does not officially exist, though recent rumors have pointed to there being a Galaxy S10 Lite in the works with that very same badge. Or it could emerge with a different name—either way, it seems more likely than ever that the Galaxy S10 family is about to grow a little bit bigger.

For reference, here are the models that currently exist...
  • Galaxy S10 5G (SM-G977x)
  • Galaxy S10+ (SM-G975x)
  • Galaxy S10 (SM-G973x)
  • Galaxy S10e (SM-G970x)
The leaked Galaxy S10 Lite model might slot in above the Galaxy S10e and below the Galaxy S10, based on the specs, though that is not certain. Here's a look...

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Appears In Geekbench

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Geekbench

According to the Geekbench entry, the presumed Galaxy S10 Lite rocks a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and 8GB of RAM. The same is true of the Galaxy S10e, though only for the higher-end model—the base variant sports 6GB of RAM.

It also appears to be running Android 10. As SamMobile points out, Samsung typically launches new flagship phones with the latest version of Android, and if that holds true for this model, it might now show up until next year when the Galaxy S11 series is launched.

As to the actual scores, we don't have much of our own data to compare with, since we've built up a database of scores using the previous version of Geekbench (v4). That said, we do have some of our own Geekbench 5 numbers as they apply to the ASUS ROG Phone II. Here's how the leaked Galaxy S10 Lite scores stack up...
  • ASUS ROG Phone II (X-Mode): 768 single core, 2,818 multi-core
  • ASUS ROG Phone II (Stock): 774 single-core, 2,728 multi-core
  • Leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite: 742 single-core, 2,604 multi-core
Note the ROG Phone II is using a Snapdragon 855+ processor, which is essentially a binned Snapdragon 855 SoC running at a faster clockspeed. The leaked Galaxy S10 Lite scores are right where we would expect them to be.

Whether this listing is legitimate or not, we can't say. It is at least interesting, though, as is Samsung's strategy of releasing so many different iterations of the Galaxy S10 series (assuming the Galaxy S10 Lite comes to fruition).