Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rumored For August Launch With Buttonless Design

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Now that the Galaxy S10 series launch is in the books, what comes next? That would be the Galaxy A70, a mid-range phone with some high-end features, slated for April. But after that, Samsung will take the wraps off its big daddy, the Galaxy Note 10, and rumor has it the next-gen phablet will launch during a press event in August.

Nothing is yet official, though the time frame certainly makes sense. The current generation Galaxy Note 9 launched on August 9 last year, and a year before that, the Galaxy Note 8 made its public debut on August 23.

Samsung seems to like the August launch window, likely because it can hog the spotlight before Apple jumps in with its usual September iPhone refresh. That will again be the case this year, according to what an unnamed industry source who is supposedly close to the matter told The Investor.

"The mass production of the Note 10 is scheduled to start in earnest in early August, and the smartphone will hit the shelves late August or early September, depending on the region," the source is quoted as saying.

The same source also said that the Galaxy Note 10 will look like the leaked renders that have started appearing online. One of those leaks shows the Galaxy Note 10 with a punch-hole design, similar to the Galaxy S10, with dual cameras on the front. Around back, early renders depict a quad camera arrangement.

Bearing in mind that nothing is yet official, rumor has it the Galaxy Note 10 will also boast a button free design. That means the fingerprint sensor will be embedded into the display, but also points to the physical power button and volume rocker being absent on the Galaxy Note 10. It is said that touch sensors will take their place. Users will also be able to adjust the volume via voice commands.

It's also rumored that Samsung is mulling whether to incorporate pressure sensitive touch controls. A force touch solution would give the Galaxy Note 10 a bit more utility, but would also add to the cost, hence the dilemma.

There is no official word on when exactly the Galaxy Note 10 will launch or how much it will cost, though if the rumors are true, all will be revealed this summer.