Samsung ‘Galaxy Glass’ Google Glass Competitor Reported to Arrive in September

Samsung has never been shy about following marketing trends, whether it's building smartphones, serving up smart watches (Galaxy Gear), or in this case, filing a patent for eye-wear to compete with Google Glass. The version Samsung has in mind is called Galaxy Glass (no surprise there), and it will look and function similar to Google's head mounted display (HMD).

According to a report in The Korea Times, Samsung may launch Galaxy Glass as early as this year's IFA convention in Berlin.

Galaxy Glass Sketch

"The market potential for smart glass is huge. It will be used in trucks, cars, and has a greater impact on related industries such as glass- and coatings-makers," The Korea Times quotes a Samsung official as saying.

It will be interesting to see how the smart glass market develops in relation to smart watches, the latter of which haven't been the game changer that some mobile device makers perhaps though they would be. Samsung's Galaxy Gear, for example, is expensive at $300, and Apple has yet to release a smart watch as has been rumored on several occasions.

Meanwhile, there's been a lot of excitement around Google Glass, which Google may try to make commercially available in the second half of this year. As for Samsung's Galaxy Glass, it will be able to receive phone calls through speakers built into the frame and give users hands free control of their smartphone, among other things.