Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 And Galaxy Gear 2 Neo Make Surprise Leak Appearance

It’s expected that the next generation of Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatches will land when the impending Samsung Galaxy S5 does--most likely at MWC this month--and some leaked photos would lend credence to that rumor.

Evleaks has dug up a couple of images of the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Neo (which is actually probably just the “Galaxy Gear Neo”) smartwatches. Unfortunately there are really no accompanying leaked details to speak of, so we’ll have to get by just by staring at the photos.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Neo
Credit: Evleaks

One major difference is that there appear to be a physical button below the displays of both smartwatches, as well as something else above--are those cameras for video chatting? We’ll also assume that the Galaxy Gear Neo will offer similar but slightly lesser specs than the Galaxy Gear 2.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Neo

In any case, there are two finishes represented here with the brushed copper and brushed gray metallic finishes we’ve seen on the first-gen Galaxy Gear devices, and these wristbands look like rubber or some composite sort of material.

All the details will no doubt be revealed in short order, but the biggest question is: Will enough buyers care?