Samsung Galaxy Alpha Paves Way For All-Metal Galaxy S6 Handset Next Year

Samsung did something it's not accustomed to doing last week -- the South Korean handset maker released a metal smartphone! We're talking about the Galaxy Alpha, a decently equipped device sporting a partial metal design with a tactile soft cover on the back. We're reluctant to get our hopes too high, but there's chatter that the Galaxy Alpha's design is a primer for the Galaxy S6.

Citing "sources in Samsung's supply chain," Times of India reports that the Galaxy Alpha, along with the upcoming Galaxy Note 4, will serve as market tests for Samsung's metal design as it prepares to transition to an all-metal Galaxy S6.

Galaxy Alpha
Samsung may be testing the waters for a metal smartphone with its Galaxy Alpha.

We suppose going all-out on the Galaxy Alpha with a metal back would steal some thunder away from the Galaxy S6, the latter of which is likely to be highly hyped due to its construction. Should Samsung go in that direction, it would take away one of the advantages of Apple's iPhone (at least for those who give two hoots about the construction -- everyone else tosses their smartphone in a third-party case and calls it a day), as well as HTC's One line.

The reason we're reluctant to get our hopes up is because we've heard this story before, only it applied to the Galaxy S5. Prior to the S5's launch, there were rumors of a premium metal and glass design, but Samsung opted to stick with its tried-and-true plastic chassis. The difference here is that the Galaxy Alpha didn't exist back then.