Samsung Freestyle Is A Nifty Portable Projector And TV Streamer With A Few Cool Tricks

Samsung The Freestyle
When I think of freestyle, rapping comes to mind (not me personally, but artists like Marshall Mathers). Or at least I did before today. Samsung today unveiled The Freestyle, a portable projector that's shaped like a smart speaker, because it's also one of those. Oh, and it can splash some ambient light into a room as well. Is there anything it can't do?

Well sure (it can't make me a cup of coffee, I bet), but the things it can do are certainly interesting. It's primary existence is as a projector. To that effect, Samsung is promising a "crystal clear image on any surface, at any angle" with the ability to beam content up to 100 inches in size in 1080, with auto-focus and auto-leveling functionality. Not too shabby from a rather clean looking accessory that weighs just 830 grams.

"The Freestyle is a one-of-a-kind projector geared towards ultimate versatility and flexibility to meet the consumers’ changing lifestyles," Samsung says. "Without the limitation in space and form factor, The Freestyle is a fun and versatile device that can be used in any way consumers prefer."best of ces 2022

According to Samsung, the cylindrical form factor holds certain advantages over a traditional boxy design. Such as being able to rotate from 30-180 degrees. That means users can fling content on tables and ceilings if the desire arises, and of course walls and projection screens. Shooting images onto the ceiling could come up hand if you like to watch TV while laying in bed.

The Freestyle works with external batteries that support USB-PD and 50W/20V output or above. It can also connect to a standard E26 light socket without additional wiring (if you spring for the wall plug accessory).

As a smart speaker, it sports a dual passive radiator and 360-degree sound field, which Samsung says delivers a "cinema-quality sound experience." Samsung also says it's the first projector to feature far-field voice control. Additionally, there's an ambient mode that works in conjunction with a translucent lens cap to provide mood lighting

If this suits your fancy, you can preorder The Freestyle for $899.99, with the preorder page stating it ships by February 2 (which may or may not be accurate). Those who preorder by January 23 will receive a $59.99 FreeStyle Case for no extra charge.