Samsung Will Gift You A Free 65-Inch 4K TV When Preordering A 43-Inch Or Bigger 2024 TV

Samsung banner of QLED and OLED TVs
TV technology sure has evolved over the past several decades. Remember when buying a big screen TV meant spending a fortune and sacrificing a large chunk of your living room for a bulky rear projection unit? Today's models are far sleeker, the visuals are leaps and bounds better, and perhaps most importantly, they're way more affordable. Driving this point home, Samsung is running a promotion whereby if you preorder one of its 2024 TV models starting at 43 inches in size, it'll toss in a free 65-inch 4K smart TV.

That's a pretty amazing offer, at least on the surface. Digging into the details, Samsung isn't going completely bonkers by gifting a premium model—you're not getting a free 65-inch OLED TV, for example—and instead is offering up its entry-level 65-inch TU690T that was released in 2022.

Samsung TU690T 4K TV on a stand in front of a pinkish wall.

Still, it's a solid preorder bonus that you could chuck into a spare bedroom or re-gift to someone, like a son or daughter, or whoever. On its own, Samsung's 65-inch TU690T runs $479 at Best Buy (note that this promotion is only going on at Samsung and Amazon), where it's racked up a 4.7-star (out of 5 stars) rating from hundreds of user reviews. We suggest reading the thorough review that's posted over on Rtings for a comprehensive breakdown, but the short of it is, the TU690T is a serviceable model.

What stands out about the offer is that Samsung isn't limiting the preorder bonus to only its priciest 8K resolution and OLED TVs, and/or models that are the same size. It is, however, requiring that you purchase either a Frame series, mini LED, or OLED model, though it starts with a 43-inch 4K TV.

Here are the TVs that qualify (be sure to double-check the listings), starting with the Frame series...
Here are the 4K mini LED TVs that qualify...
Samsung Neo QLED TV on a gray gradient background.
And here are the 4K OLED models that are part of the promotion...
Note that Samsung is offering two OLED linueps for 2024, the S95D and S90D. The S95D is the higher end of the two with a few key difference, including a glare free coating (matte versus glossy), FreeSync Premium Pro certification (versus FreeSync Premium), a 70W 4.2.2 speaker system (versus 40 2.1), and connectivity coming by way of an external Connect One box. Vincent Teoh has an excellent breakdown on his HDTVTest channel on YouTube.

The caveat to the free TV bonus is that you might be paying a higher price initially for the main TV model you're buying. It's not unusual for TV prices to drop below MSRP in short order, so if you'll have to decide if the allure of a free entry-level 65-inch 4K smart TV is worth being an early adopter for Samsung's 2024 models.

That said, Samsung is offer a bunch of other deals, including discounts on soundbar systems, chunky discounts on some TV models, and more. You can check out Samsung's deals page to browse them all.