Samsung Employees Fear For Their Jobs Amidst Annual Reshuffle, Poor Earnings

It's hard to believe that Samsung's future is in question after all the success the South Korean electronics giant has enjoyed the past few years. Yet that's the situation facing Samsung -- following a disappointing quarter in which the company's flagship Galaxy S5 didn't sell as well as anticipated, there's now talk of a major shakeup among management where even co-CEO and mobile boss J.K. Shin could see a demotion. Samsung employees are privy to the situation and are understandably nervous about their own job security, or lack thereof.

According to Reuters, Samsung is expected to announce its annual personnel changes early next month, something that's become a sort of ritual for the company. It's also a distracting one, especially this time around since so many jobs could be at stake, depending on how Samsung decides to restructure its business model going forward.


"People are very uneasy; even the senior management are asking around about what might be coming," a Samsung employee said.

Naturally Samsung isn't commenting to the media on the matter, though there are local reports suggesting the company may slash management jobs by as much as 20 percent, including 30 percent from the mobile division.

Samsung has some tough choices to make, and a lot of them are related to mobile. It was reported earlier this week that the company sold just 12 million Galaxy S5 devices during its free three months on the market, or 4 million fewer than its predecessor and 40 percent less than expected.
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