Samsung Display Rumored To Be Supplying Retina Display For Apple's Next iPad Mini

When the original iPad Mini was unveiled, the entire tech industry understood one thing: there would eventually be another edition with a Retina display. Given that Apple has shown to be quite fond of pixels on displays, it's really just a matter of time before the iPad Mini joins the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in Retina-land. According to fresh rumors, that time may be coming soon, and the displays could be provided by a bitter rival.

Samsung Display is rumored to be readying a 7.9" display with a native 2048x1536 resolution, not to mention a 9.7" panel with an even slimmer bezel for a redesigned full-size iPad. Presently, we're hearing that Q3 is the quarter to watch for a refreshed iPad range, which makes sense; after all, that'd put new units on shelves just prior to the all-important holiday shopping season.

The good news is that the relationship between Apple and Samsung seems to be at least improving, and while the courtroom drama is far from over, it appears that the companies are at least on working terms.