Samsung Dishes Three New Bluetooth Headsets, Still Can't Make 'Em Cool

We're still not convinced that we could comfortably walk around with a Bluetooth headset hung around our ear in public, but for those who don't mind making others think that they're talking to them whilst walking down the street, Samsung has a smattering of new options that look pretty darn stylish.

The flagship device is the WEP870, which actually combines a Bluetooth headset with earbuds in order to make you look just a bit smarter while using it. We kid, we kid! The WEP870 is a mono-style headset with chrome trim and a graphite finish that can be worn on either ear, and thanks to the multi-connection technology, it can be paired with up to two BT devices at once. The headset also features a stereo earbud lanyard that can be attached to the headset and worn comfortably around the neck, and if you receive a call while listening to music, the tunes will gently mute in order to let you take the call, and then it ramps back up once you disconnect. Finally, it also boasts dual-microphones and active noise and echo cancelation technology, not to mention an LCD screen that shows battery life, call status and BT connection status.

Moving on, there's the WEP850, which is described as a sleek mono-style headset with a minimalistic design. This one also features multipoint technology and advanced dual-microphone noise cancelation, as well as echo reduction. The WEP740 is a small and lightweight headset that blocks out background noise and sports a LED battery level, a dedicated on/off switch and a detachable crystal ear hook.

Starting today, the WEP870 is available for $89.99, the WEP850 for $69.99 and the WEP470 for $39.99.