Samsung Develops New 32GB RDIMM

Samsung Electronics has announced the creation of a new 32GB RDIMM with 3D TSV technology.

The RDIMM (registered dual inline memory module) was made by stacking DDR3 SDRAMs that were manufactured by using 30nm-class process technology, and those SDRAMs were connected using the TSV (through silicon via) technology.

This new module can provide speeds of up to 1,333Mbps and has a power consumption of 4.5 watts per hour, which is more than 30% smaller than the power consumption of an LRDIMM (load-reduced dual-inline memory module) using DDR3 SDRAMs made with the same technology as above. The modules are targeted for high-end applications such as server operation.

Samsung had previously announced the creation of another 32GB RDIMM with the same technology that can reach speeds of up to 1,866Mbps, but the company did not comment on the link between the previous module and the new one. Samples of the new modules are currently being shipped for evaluation by users.
Tags:  Samsung, RDIMM, 3D TSV