Samsung Develops 13MP Low Light Camera Module to Bolster New Galaxy Devices

Maybe you still own a point-n-shoot camera or maybe you don't because the pictures from your smartphone are good enough for Facebook. Either way, most would agree that even though built-in cameras on mobile devices are getting better, they're still not as good as dedicated point-n-shoot devices, especially in low light situations. Interestingly enough, Samsung, which has a presence in both markets, is trying to close the gap.

The South Korean handset and camera maker has reportedly developed a 13-megapixel camera module for smartphones with superior low light performance. Supposedly the camera can output an image whose brightness is eight times higher, which would make it easier to capture those indoor moments such as birthday celebrations.

Samsung Camera

Not only is it better in low light situations, it also has an anti-shake feature that fixes angular errors up to 1.5 degrees. That's more than twice as high as most of the anti-shake functions on today's digital cameras, which are usually around 0.7 degrees.

The icing on the cake is that Samsung's new camera module has a low power consumption, so you're not trading off smartphone battery life for these improved features.

A natural fit for something like this is in future Galaxy devices, though third-party manufacturers are invited to join the party, too. Samsung said it's already produced samples its new camera module and is currently in discussions with smartphone players to start using it.