Android 5.0 Lollipop Update For Samsung Galaxy S5 Lands First In Poland

Samsung has begun delivering Google’s Android Lollipop 5.0 to Galaxy S5 smartphones, but so far, the rollout is limited to phones in Poland. A rollout to U.S. Galaxy devices hasn’t been announced. Don’t hold your breath, as it’s likely going to be some time before you see the OS on a Galaxy smartphone here.

Once Samsung feels comfortable broadening the scope of the rollout, service carriers may holdup the release until they’re satisfied that it will go smoothly.

Lollipop is moving quickly from Nexus devices to Samsung devices, but not quickly enough for U.S. users, who have to wait while Poland tests the OS on Samsung smartphones.
Image Credit: Google

As annoying as it is to know that others are getting their hands on Android 5.0 before you are, keep in mind that Samsung is actually moving fairly quickly with this update. Google delivered Android 5.0 to its Android Open Source Project (AOSP) on November 4th, which means Samsung started its rollout only 31 days later. That’s fast for Samsung and considering how devastating a botched rollout could be, breaking the rollout into stages makes sense. Some U.K. users have also reported being able to install the update today.

Android 5.0 brings a ton of new APIs for developers and several welcome features for users, including Ambient Display, which highlights important notifications as you pick up your phone. The OS arrived fairly polished and has spent a month on Google Nexus devices, generating feedback that Google has used to catch and solve problems like a battery draining issue.

Of course, if you have a Nexus, you’re already looking forward to Android 5.0.1.