Samsung Debuts High-Performance Enterprise SSDs Destined for the Data Center

Samsung announced two new SSDs, the SM843 and the SM1625, which are designed for high-performance applications in enterprise storage systems and servers. The drives represent an effort on Samsung’s part to lead the way in terms of enterprise SSD performance and efficiency.

The SM843 purportedly boasts a substantial increase in endurance over other MLC SSDs, with a rating of 1064TBW (terabytes written) compared to last generation’s 60TBW. Via a SATA interface, the drive offers up to 70,000/11,000 random read/write IOPS performance with improved maximum latency, 520/420MBps read/write speeds, and consumes about 28 percent less power than older Samsung enterprise SSDs. Available densities include 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB.

Samsung SSD

The other new drive, the SM1625, is geared more toward external storage systems in high availability environments and comes in densities of 100GB, 200GB, 400GB, and 800GB. features 101,000/41,000 random read/write IOPS, 848/740MBps sequential data performance, and power loss protection.