Samsung Confirms Decision To Delay Tizen Phone Launch In Russia, Ecosystem Still Needs Tweaking

Speculation is sure to follow Samsung's confirmation that it's postponing the launch of a high-end handset running its own home brewed Tizen operating system in Russia. Officially, the reason for the delay is because the platform requires a bit more work, though we can't help but wonder if the recent pressure from Google has anything to do with it.

We say that because Samsung's been pushing Tizen on its Galaxy Gear smartwatch rather than going all-in with Google's Android Wear platform. This hasn't sat well with Google, and word around the web is that this has been a point of contention between the two organizations. Of course, Samsung's under no obligation to fully embrace Android, but at the same time, we doubt Samsung is eager to butt heads with Google, either.

Samsung Z

Tizen is Samsung's path to less dependence on Android. It looked like the OS was gaining some momentum earlier this year when it added 15 partners to the fold, including Sprint, but at this point in the game, Tizen isn't really a factor in the mobile wars.

As for the Tizen phone launch in Russia, Samsung was aiming for a release sometime in the third quarter. However, the company today said in a brief statement that it needs more time to "further enhance [the] Tizen ecosystem," Fortune reports. Rumors of a delay began to surface two weeks ago during a developers conference.