Samsung Announces Trio Of New Curved Monitors Starting At $299

Samsung yesterday announced three additions to their nascent curved display line, diverting attention from the looming official release next Friday of their two new Galaxy S6 smartphones. The new models, all featuring 1080p panels and priced significantly lower than the $1,199 SE790C Curved Monitor Samsung debuted in January at CES include the SE590C Curved Monitor (31.5-inches, 1920x1080 resolution, 3000R curvature, $599.99), the SE591C Curved Monitor (27-inches, 1920x1080 resolution, 4000R curvature, $399.99), and the SE510C Curved Monitor (available in both 23.6 and 27-inch sizes, 1920x1080 resolution, 4000R curvature, $299.99). 


“We’ve seen a lot of excitement around curved displays, first with our TV line and again with the SE790C curved monitor we introduced at CES 2015. We’re excited to be expanding our curved monitor line to give consumers more options,” said Samsung Electronics America Senior Vice President Dave Das.

In announcing their new monitors Samsung stressed the immersive panoramic viewing experience delivered by the curvature of their new screens, as well as the benefits imbued by static contrast ratios of up to 5,000:1 and Samsung’s VA panel (which enables darker blacks, more vivid colors and sharper image details), and enhanced brightness ratios (350cd/m2 for the SE591C and SE590C, and 250cd/m2 for the SE510C). In addition, all three curved monitors include a Game Mode feature that helps to improve the picture’s dark scenes and make fast-moving, blurred images clear — with a response time of as little as 4-mili-seconds! — thus enhancing the gaming experience. And the company also highlighted the rich sound offered by two of the displays — the SE591C and SE590C — courtesy of two 5W built-in dual stereo speakers and a proprietary dual sound engine with acoustic mechanical engineering technology.


Perhaps even more interesting than the all-enveloping sensory experience promised by Samsung's three new curved displays is the "Unique Eye Saving Technology" — Samsung's words — they offer, Eye Saver Mode and Flicker Free. Eye Saver Mode decreases the monitors’ harmful blue light that can cause eye fatigue, while the Flicker Free technology goes yet another step in protecting eyes from the strain of conventional flickering screens. Coupled with the curved display these features allow SE590, SE591 and SE510 users to spend more time in front of their monitors before eye exhaustion sets in. 

Finally, Samsung's new monitors all include 
eco-friendly technology, which increases energy efficiency by reducing screen brightness. Two standard manual settings are on-board (minimum 25 percent, maximum 50 percent), as is a new automatic setting that reduces energy consumption by up to 10 percent based on the luminescence of the screen’s black sections. Thus, along with being affordable, these new Samsung monitors can also help customers save money on their electric bill. 

Samsung's new SE590C, SE591C, and SE510C displays will be available sometime in May.