Samsung Announces 10nm-Class 64GB eMMC for Slim Mobile Devices

Samsung today introduced a next-generation 64GB embedded multimedia card (eMMC) manufactured using 10 nanometer (nm)-class process technology. You read that right -- it's using 10nm-class chips, which can refer to any process between 10nm and 19nm. Embedded memory plays a critical role in today's tablets and smartphones, and according to Samsung, it's new eMMC card is 20 percent thinner than the previous generation and will allow for even slimmer devices than what already exists.

"The new high-speed, small form factor eMMC reinforces Samsung’s technology leadership in storage memory solutions. We look forward to expanding our line-up of embedded memory solutions in conjunction with the new chip’s design, in pursuing a system-level adoption of application processors and other key components that form the foundation for the most advanced mobile platforms. This will allow us to better attend to time-to-market demands enabling the design of more convenient features for next-generation mobile applications," said Myungho Kim, VP of Memory Marketing for Samsung's Device Solutions division.

Samsung 64GB eMMC

Samsung said it's applying 64Gb (gigabit) high-performance NAND memory using 10nm-class technology to its new 64GB eMMC Pro Class 2000 memory solution, which the company claims is 30 percent faster than its previous generation 64GB eMMC Pro Class 1500 memory solution.

In terms of hard numbers, the new 64GB eMMC card reads data at up to 260MB/s, writes at up to 50MB/s, and features 2,000 IOPS random writes. Overall, it's 10 times faster than a Class 10 external memory card, Samsung says.
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