Samsung Aims High, Plans to Ship Over Half a Billion Handsets Next Year

Samsung took over as the top cell phone brand in 2012 (shipping 29% of all cell phones and 28% of all smartphones worldwide) and presumes to continue its upward trajectory in the new year. According to the Korea Times, Samsung believes it will sell 510 million handsets in 2013.

The company estimates that it shipped 420 million devices this year--288 million in the first three quarters of 2012 with a sizable, yet-to-be-confirmed holiday bump-- which works out to a year-over-year sales boost of 20%.

Samsung smartphones

KT’s sources assert that about 390 million of those devices will be smartphones, while 120 million will be feature phones. Samsung will manufacture its phones in factories in Korea, Vietnam, China, and India.

Time will tell if Samsung has any chance of meeting its plus-500 million mark; in addition to normal market competition, Samsung is facing lower shipment predictions from outside analysts and that pesky ongoing legal tussle with Apple.