Samsung Adding Windowed Interface Capabilities To Galaxy Note 10.1 Android Tablet

It's coming: the day when a tablet is more than just an accessory to go along with your PC, but practically a workhorse in its own right. Windows RT and Windows 8 on tablets has already shown as much, but even Android is showing signs of maturity in the "Post-PC era" (which is a fallacy of course). Recently, Samsung pushed out Android 4.1.2 for its Galaxy Note 10.1, and one of the most important additions was support for Android multi-windowing. In other words, the Note 10.1 can now run up to 16 multi-window apps at one time, assuming all of those apps are written to support the feature. One single tablet screen, with up to 16 apps. That's the kind of tablet future we've been waiting for.

The new update supports full-screen view, "dual view," and "cadcade view." Samsung touched up its TouchWiz interface with support for the multi-windows framework, and while there are only 18 multi-window apps at the moment, that list will almost certainly increase over time. In fact, this kind of special sauce could give Android tablets a leg up over the forthcoming Windows-based swarm, not to mention Apple's iPad. It also makes a case for a device that many view as antiquated: the stylus. By having a stylus around, it makes navigating through multiple apps a bit simpler, and it adds efficiencies in order to make you more productive on a tablet.

Any Note 10.1 owners taking advantage of the new software? Let us know in comments!