Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals

Saitek has been been a solid player in online flight sim gaming peripherals since 1997 with the intoduction of the X36F HOTAS system.  This system consisted of a programmable stick with separate throttle/rudder combo which gave over 250 different programmable options.  I bought this setup in 1998 and have stayed with Saitek ever since.  The X36F has evolved into the X45 and on to the new X52 setup which has won accolades from around the world as being the best HOTAS (Hands On Throttle And Stick) combinations in production.  The only competitor on the market is the Thrustmaster Cougar which demands a cool $280-$300 in cost. Saitek has recently released the Pro Flight Rudder Pedals which is designed to compliment the award winning X52 combo. Justechn has managed to get their hands on a set and have put them through their paces. If you are in need of a decent rudder set (whether you have the X52 or not), then I recommend you hop on over and take a gander at the review.

Tags:  flight, pedal, pro, light, AI, K, ALS