Russian Dual Screen YotaPhone Going Global, Almost

The YotaPhone from Russia’s Yota Devices presents an intriguing take on the smartphone by offering a dual-screen device wherein one side is a typical 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen and the other is an electronic paper display with e-Ink.

The Android-based handset is going on sale today in Russia, Austria, France, Spain, and Germany, and it will also be available in twenty CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), European, and Middle East markets by the end of Q1 2014.


Notably absent from that list is the Americas. So it goes.

The YotaPhone concept offers a new way to view notifications by showing them on the eInk side of the unit all the time. This solves that cloying need to constantly “wake up” your phone to see what’s going on, and the eInk display demands very little battery life so it’s not going to drain your phone.

Plus, the electronic paper is nice for reading, whether you’re viewing an ebook or an email.