Running high VDIMM & low VCORE you risk to killing your Athlon 64 CPU

Some good info was sent to us by the folks at Xtreme Systems today. You extreme overclockers out there might want to be careful when running a high vdimm and a low vcore with Athlon 64 E die CPU, as you could end up ruining your processor. Those of you with OCZ's VX should take notice.

"If you run a high vdimm and a low vcore with E die (revE, aka venice, san diego, manchester, toledo, newark, lancaster, denmark, venus, ..) you are running the risk of killing the cpu's. So if you have OCZ VX (or others) and you are not raising the vcore on your cpu you stand a chance of pumping a lot of current into the memory controller and causing permenant damage."
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