RunCore Reveals 2.5" 7mm Pro VI Solid State Drive At Computex

It's clearly the age of the mobile device. With tablets getting slimmer, Ultrabooks shrinking and our demand for storage on the rise, companies are being forced to squeeze even more into tight spaces. So, it's no surprise to see RunCore doing exactly that. The company has just debuted the new 2.5" 7mm Pro VI SSD at Computex, which is designed for the world's slimmest Ultrabooks that may find 9mm SSDs to be just a little too thick. It's crazy that we're at that point now, but we are. And it's going to get even more serious in the months ahead, and thin becomes "not quite thin enough."

This particular drive is a JMicron-based SSD, using 6Gbps SATA technology, Synch NAND and a 32MB cache. The company promises over 550MB/s read and 380MB/s write rates, as well as read and write IOPS up to 80,000 and 60,000, respectively. Capacities range from 32GB to 512GB, but sadly, no pricing details are listed. Be honest: you and your future Ultrabook want one.