RunCore Brings New Super-Tiny SSD To The Table: Look Closely

Talk about tiny. As flash memory and NAND gets smaller and smaller, so too do modules that acts as storage mainframes for things like phones and tablets. RunCore has today introduced a single-chip SATA DOM SSD, the Mini DOM. It uses the SATA II interface, and ffers even higher performance and reliability as compared to the earlier IDE/ATA models in the market. In order to fulfill different system structures, RunCore Mini DOM provides three different solutions: 7 pin Horizontal-female SATA DOM, 7 pin Vertical-female SATA DOM, and 22 pin Horizontal-male SATA DOM. With different capacity ranges from 8GB to 64GB and 2 grades of temperature range, Commercial Grade (0? to 70?) and Industrial Grade (-40? to 85?), RunCore Mini DOM SSD can be widely used in National defense field, Industrial PC and Embedded Systems. Not surprisingly, this mostly caters to enterprise and government solutions, but don't be surprised if it works into consumer-grade goods in the future.

As for performance? The company's own testing shows 113MB/s sequential read rates and 47MB/s write rates. Definitely not mainstream-SSD-fast, but then again, not bad for something this tiny.
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