Rumor: NVIDIA 9800 & GX2 Shipping Info

As with all rumors please take the following with a grain of salt until we receive official confirmation or denial from NVIDIA.

If the 9600 launch impressed you, but you were holding out for a card with a little more horsepower, then you might be in luck.  Rumor has it that NVIDIA will be launching high-end cards in the near future:

“At the top-end of the 9-series cards will sit the dual-GPU GeForce 9800 GX2 which will launch on March 11 this year. This will be followed by the GeForce 9800 GTX and 9800 GT between the end of March and beginning of April.”

There's no word on what to expect from these cards in terms of specific features other than the fact that the GX2 will probably be a dual GPU board, and these things are likely to be very fast.  We also can't help but wonder if we'll see AMD/ATI launch a 3880/3890 is a response.
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