Rumor: Next Nexus 7 Price Could Be Under $150, With $99 Price Tag Possible

At $199, Google Nexus 7 is already making waves, but it looks like the popular tablet could be headed for even lower price points, if component makers in Asia are right. Digitimes is reporting that the next Nexus 7 may come in at the enticingly-low price of $150, and a $99 price tag isn’t out of the question. If the reports are true, components for the new Nexus 7 are already shipping.

The Google Nexus 7 May Get A New Price

The $150 price tag seems to be the more likely price of the next Nexus 7. Rumors of a $99 tablet are based on the rumored $99 Asus tablet and it’s still way too early (and there’s too little evidence) to look at that price as anything but a possibility. And will such an inexpensive device still have hot technology like Nvidia's Tegra? Still, it will be interesting to see what happens to basic ebook readers, like the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch ($79 right now) when a full-featured, 7-inch tablet is available for $99. And, obviously, the lower prices will make the Nexus 7 even more competitive with the iPad Mini, which is starting at $329 these days.