Rumor: Microsoft’s Surface Tablet WiFi Only, at Least Initially

If your enthusiasm for nabbing the newly-announced Microsoft Surface tablet is building by the day, this may deflate you a bit: rumor has it that, at least initially, the tablet will be WiFi-only.

Although a WiFi-only version of the Surface will likely mean that the devices will hit the market at a relatively low price point, potentially undercutting WiFi-only iPads--which Microsoft would be insane not to do--the lack of 3G or 4G connectivity is a severe limitation. That leaves Microsoft unable to compete directly with iPads and other tablets with mobile broadband connections.

It’s possible that Microsoft simply built a WiFi-only tablet first and is now taking its time making sure that the additional mobile broadband capabilities are just right before launching; it could also be that the company hasn’t nailed now the right deals with mobile carriers yet.

Whatever the case, if Microsoft is going to take advantage of the momentum it’s building with Window 8, Surface, and Windows Phone 8 and swipe meaningful market share from Apple and Google, there needs to be a Surface tablet with 4G onboard, and soon.