Rumor: iOS 4.01 release coming to fix reception issues

Whether or not we consumers are holding the iPhone 4 the "wrong way," and whether or not the issue slipped by Apple testing or was known the whole time, reports are that Apple is going to quickly release iOS 4.01, with a fix.

Some are calling the reactions by users "Death Grip hysteria." Others are just making fun of the issue. Still others, meanwhile, are angrily saying that Apple ...
has known all along that there was something wrong. Despite it, Apple lied and made several of its loyal customers spend an extra $29 on a rubber case, which probably wasn’t even necessary to begin with.
Oof.  That's harsh language and a strong accusation.  So far, most have felt that the fact that the issues exist when the device is held indicate a software fix isn't possible.  Others point to similar issues on the 3GS when it is updated to iOS 4 as evidence to the contrary.

As far as if a software modification changes things, we'll see. Sometimes, it feels like a new iPhone is introduced, something reduces its perfection, and a big horrendous dust-up occurs, and then it all gets forgotten, as the glory that is the latest iPhone sinks in.

We suppose we will see next week, if and when 4.01 is released.
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