Rumor: Another Dual-Core Celeron In '08

As with all rumors please take the following news item with a grain of salt until we get official confirmation or denial from Intel.

It looks like the world of budget dual-core Intel chips is going to get a lot better in 2Q08:

“Intel is planning to launch E1400 with a core frequency of 2GHz, 800MHz FSB, L2 cache of 512KB, and maximum TDP of 65W. The chip is based on a 65nm Conroe core and supports Intel 64, XD Bit (Execute Disable Bit) and Speed Step technology. Pricing will be set at US$53 in a thousand-unit tray quantities.”

What's not to love in a chip that offers 64-bit support, dual-core, and a price that just about everyone can agree on?  It looks like the world of low-end computing just gets better and better.