Rumor: AMD CEO Ruiz To Be Replaced?

As with all rumors, take the following story with a grain of salt until it is confirmed: It appears that a rumor is circulating amongst Wall Street traders that AMD might replace CEO Hector Ruiz.

This may not be entirely surprising to some as AMD hasn't been performing at their best in recent months.  The K10 is far behind its original launch date, the R600 series was late and didn't ship with drivers that would make the most of its performance.  On top of all this, rivals Intel and NVIDIA have both managed to have pull off very successful product launches.

“Speculation has been heightened by recent events, including the exit of investor relations head Mike Hasse, and the September departure of sales chief Henri Richard.

Last week, President Dirk Meyer was appointed to the company's board.

Add it all up, and some believe the signs point to a possible change at the top, with Ruiz stepping down, and Meyer taking over.”

It would probably be a fair statement to say that Mr. Ruiz guided his company through the best and the worst of times.  If he is indeed ousted, we'll always remember him as the CEO who brought us a dual-core CPU from a David-esque company that bested the best dual-core CPUs that the Intel Goliath could come up with in the late P4 era.  Considering the differences in engineering and financial resources, that was no minor accomplishment and in our minds easily outshines any minor setbacks.
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