RootMetrics Report Ranks Verizon As America’s Top Wireless Carrier, Sprint Surges Past T-Mobile

Verizon may not offer the best pricing promotions, but out of the four major wireless carriers in the United States, Big Red sits on top, according to RootMertics. Verizon was ranked as America's top carrier with an overall "Rootscore" of 93.9 out of 100, beating out AT&T (91.7), Sprint (86.6), and T-Mobile (84.0) for the honor.

The rating is for the second half of 2014. During that time, Rootmetrics traveled 288,165 miles conducting over 5.7 million tests, including ones from 6,215 indoor locations. The goal is to evaluate each of the wireless carriers' mobile network performance from a consumer's point of view. That entails data, calling, and texting performance, both indoors and outdoors, from 125 of the most populous metropolitan markets across the U.S. You can read more about the testing methodology here.
(Source: RootMetrics)

Carriers are evaluated and graded in five different categories -- Reliability Index, Speed Index, Data Performance, Call Performance, and Text Performance. Verizon took the top spot in all but the texting category where it scored 92.4 out of 100, trailing Sprint (92.7) and AT&T (93.2). T-Mobile came in last with a score of 89.7.
Verizon Map

(Source: Verizon)

It was mostly a two-way battle for first place between Verizon and AT&T. On the opposite end of the spectrum, T-Mobile and Sprint consistently traded last place finishes, save for texting, the only category Sprint managed to score a better than third place finish (second).

T-Mobile, on the other hand, was the only carrier to never score in the 90s. Instead, it scored 85.4 in Reliability Index (No. 4), 79.1 in Speed Index (No. 3), 81.9 in Data Performance (No. 3), 84.9 in Call Performance (No. 4), and 89.7 in Text Performance (No. 4).