Roku HD-XR and Roku SD Netflix Streamers Unveiled

The Roku movie streaming set-top box has been a real winner in the grand scheme of things. While units like Vudu have struggled to grab ahold in the consumer market, linking the Roku box to Netflix was a golden idea. There are millions of loyal Netflix users across the US, and with a cheap box giving them access to "Watch Instantly" content on their TV, it's a no-brainer for most.

Today, the company is introducing two new devices that'll be available alongside the original Roku. The first is the Roku SD, which is a scaled down version of the original that includes 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, an Ethernet port, composite AV connectors and support for SD-quality Netflix streaming. The allure here is the $79.99 price tag, which is about as cheap as it gets for a dedicated Netflix streamer.

The next device is the Roku HD-XR ($129.99), which is an upgraded version of the original (you see the game Roku's playing now, right?). This one gets updated to include dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi support, and there's also a USB socket that might lead to support for local media playback in the future. The original Roku HD is still available at $99.99. Anyone down for a little Netflix streaming this holiday season? Nothing better than a day off, a hearty fire, gifts and movies, right?

Roku Introduces New $79 Instant Streaming Player

Netflix customers can now stream direct to their TV instantly for the new low price of $79, free shipping included. Roku also introduces the $129 Roku HD-XR model.

Saratoga, Calif. – October 27, 2009 – Roku, Inc., maker of the popular and award-winning Roku player, announced today for immediate availability two new models. The new Roku SD and Roku HD-XR expand the product lineup to three models. Now customers have a variety of features and price points ($79.99, $99.99, $129.99) to fit their needs. All players continue to deliver instant entertainment from Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX), Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Video On Demand and MLB.TV. With today’s announcement, customers can now purchase a Roku player for as little as $79.99 at or For a limited time, customers purchasing through either Roku or Amazon will receive free shipping, making it even more affordable to get started with a Roku.

 “We’re introducing a breakthrough price point with the launch of our Roku SD player,” Anthony Wood, founder and CEO of Roku, Inc said. “Additionally the Roku HD-XR is the first Netflix-streaming device to embed next generation 802.11n dual-band wireless connectivity, making it easier and more reliable than ever to start enjoying movies, TV shows, sports and the best online content available, all on the living room TV.”

The Roku SD player connects to the TV using the included and familiar Yellow-Red-White video/audio cable. In addition, the Roku SD player incorporates Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) and an Ethernet port for easy broadband connectivity. With the Roku SD player, customers can stream their favorite movies and TV shows to their TV at up to DVD quality.

The Roku HD and HD-XR players feature High Definition streaming capability, connecting directly to any TV using HDMI or Component video (both products also include S-video or Composite video outputs as well). The Roku HD-XR adds the latest Wi-Fi standard, 802.11n dual-band, giving customers who have adopted this router technology improved connectivity range and better overall wireless performance between the Roku HD-XR and the home network. The Roku HD-XR also works with legacy routers and can often boost Wi-Fi range inside the house. Finally, the Roku HD-XR includes a USB port for future use.

First introduced in May 2008, the Roku player still provides the easiest, most affordable and reliable way for hundreds of thousands of Netflix customers to watch over 17,000 movies and TV shows instantly on their TV. Earlier this year Roku added Amazon Video On Demand, adding 45,000 titles to the Roku platform, including a thousand in HD. In the summer the company launched MLB.TV bringing live and on-demand baseball to the living room TV as well. All Roku customers received these automatic and free updates
Continuing its leadership role in the over-the-top video space, Roku will launch the Roku Channel Store later this fall enabling customers to add new content channels to their Roku experience, further enhancing the value of the Roku player. The Roku Channel Store will be delivered to all Roku customers, new and existing, as an automatic and free update.

Pricing and availability

All three Roku players are available immediately at and and include free shipping for a limited time.

About Roku

Roku is a market leader in innovative applications for digital media, opening up a new world of entertainment to the TV. Through its work in both software and hardware, the company develops and sells consumer products that give customers the ability to take charge over their entertainment choices, combining high-value content and immediate access to that content at a low price. Its products include: The family of Roku digital video players and the SoundBridge Internet radio line. Roku is privately held and based in Saratoga, Calif. For more information on the company and its products, visit: