Report Claims Rockstar Considered GTA: Tokyo But Has Begun Work On Grand Theft Auto 6

Beyond the delightful depravity that in the real world would have devastating consequences, one of the appeals of the Grand Theft Auto series is that Rockstar models its newest titles after existing locales, offering gamers a sense of familiarity and deeper immersion. For its next GTA title, reports have surfaced that Rockstar considered a Tokyo theme, though it ultimately abandoned those plans and has started work on GTA 6.

Citing a "source close to the company," TechRadar says Rockstar even visited the overseas location several years ago in preparation for Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo. That's not unusual for the developer—since its GTA games reflect actual locations, it often scouts potential areas to snap photographs, mingle among the local crowd, and learn the nuances of various cities.


Rockstar's infatuation with Tokyo dates back to around the time GTA 3 came out. Publisher Take-Two Interactive even filed a trademark for GTA: Tokyo, along with others for GTA: Bogota and Grand Theft Auto: Sin City at the same time. However, Rockstar decided there were too many challenges to overcome to use Tokyo as the setting.

Part of the problem with modeling GTA after Tokyo is figuring out the roadways. The road system in Tokyo is quite a bit different than it is in the United States, where the GTA series is now firmly rooted. Rockstar would also have to alter certain traits of the game, everything from brands and the types of vehicles, along with familiar features to suit the new location in a realistic way.

In any event, GTA: Tokyo never came to be, and now Rockstar is in the beginning states of GTA 6. It's so early in the development process that Rockstar has yet to settle on a location, though it's likely to be somewhere in the U.S.