How To Get A Mustang In Rocket League’s NASCAR And F1 April 7th Update

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Rev your engines and get ready for what Rocket League developer Psyonix calls the most “high-octane season yet.” April 7th is when Season 3 kicks off, but players will get their hands on NASCAR and Formula 1 cars for Rocket League’s tribute to auto racing starting in May.

Shown off in the trailer below, players will be able to get a sleek F1 vehicle as well as a NASCAR-styled Mustang if they purchase a bundle from the Rocket League store. According to the Rocket League Blog post, you can “look out for more info leading up to the release of NASCAR in early May and F1 in mid-May.”

Keeping with the theme of racing, Rocket League is also redesigning DFH Stadium (Circuit), which has been given asphalt and all other racetrack trappings. This map will be added to both Casual and Competitive playlists as well as becoming available for private and free play matches at the start of Season 3.

If you want to jump in and experience the power of the new vehicles, Season 3 begins on April 7th following a game update. Afterwards, “new Competitive Tournament Rewards will be introduced, and the new Competitive Season begins.” Thus, “Get ready to hit the gas and speed your way to victory on April 7th! “