Robot Jellyfish Could Operate For Months At Sea

Few things are more impressive than gigabit Internet speeds, electric vehicles that can run 100 miles on a charge, and GPUs that cost over a grand. But we're pretty sure a 5-foot robotic jellyfish counts as one of those things. Presently, a multi-school project for the American Navy is ongoing, and it's being headed up by Virginia Tech professor Shashank Priya. The topic of conversation is a robotic jellyfish that could one day "conduct military surveillance, clean oil spills and monitor the environment." And terrify all who dare enter the ocean, of course.

The creature is being built to operate on its own for up to "several months," and has a slick silicon skin that protects the precious and fragile electronics within. It uses eight mechanical arms to move about, and to date, has been undergoing testing in a swimming pool. Researchers are also toying around with much smaller versions for use in areas where a large size would be a hindrance, and while it's not quite ready to be unleashed into the sea just yet, we'd go ahead and be prepared to see one on your next beach vacation. It doesn't sting -- trust us.