ROBLOX Gamers Ripped Off With Discord Exploit Used To Steal ROBUX

Gaming is meant to be fun, but it just can't be all of the time. That's because players of online games have to be constantly aware of looming threats. Yet another new case of an attack, involving a game called ROBLOX, highlights the fact that it's not just the game itself that is at risk sometimes, but the tools surrounding it.

Despite the fact that ROBLOX mimics Minecraft in that its an open-world sandbox game, it actually came out years before Mojang released even an alpha. Today, the game enjoys an impressive 12 million monthly users, many of whom use the ultra-successful platform Discord to chat to friends. It's Discord in this case that's the big threat, though, again proving to us that we can be fooled when we least expect it.

Roblox 01

This attack boils down to Discord's use of APIs, which users can take advantage of through channel bots to relay information to their friends. You may have seen this kind of mechanic in use with IRC back in the day, where people could type in a command to show people what song they're listening to (or how long their uptime is). Because these APIs can fetch specific information, they run the risk of getting too much information, too. That's just what happened here.

Those who have their thinkers on at the time are not likely to fall victim to the promise of cheat software being pasted in a chat room, but some do. As soon as linked malware is run, it waits until ROBLOX is detected in the system, at which point it grabs the game's cookie - which happens to have very vital information found within.

Roblox 02

Once an attacker has the cookie needed, they use it to log into the game, and deplete the entire ROBUX bank (which can be converted to real currency), leaving the user to log in later to some ultimate disappointment. It's not clear if the developer of ROBLOX will help users out in these instances, although if the problem becomes too severe, we hope it will step in.

As always, incidents like these can open our eyes to the threats out there. You might not think you're at risk for simply playing a game and chatting with friends, but all it takes is one mental lapse to experience some intense regret. Play it safe out there!