Roar! New York Bans ‘Tiger Selfies’

Well, there goes our dating prospects. Just when singles had discovered the key to attracting mates – posing for a selfie with a tiger – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a law that bans contact between most people and tigers. That’s sure to put a dent in the number of “tiger selfies” that have been appearing on online dating sites. We’re as concerned as you about what this means for the quality of dating profiles: how can one exude sophistication and charm without wrapping one’s arms around a bored tiger?

Tiger selfies are getting the boot from New York, thanks to a new law.
If you live in New York, you'll need to head across state lines to get "tiger selfie." Or, you could find a better way to make your dating profile stand out. Image Credit: S. Taheri

The new law was prompted by traveling animal shows, which often sell time with their tigers to people who are looking for an exciting prop. The $500 fine may not strike fear into the heart of someone willing to snuggle with a tiger and a smartphone, but the law aims the fine at the owners of the traveling animal shows, who are more likely to take notice. In addition to facing fines for the practice in New York, animal shows are prohibited from providing tiger-human contact in Arizona, Kansas, and Mississippi.