Rivet Networks Unveils Killer 1550 Wireless-AC Module With Intel That Delivers WiFi Connectivity Up To 1.73Gbps

Killer Wireless 1550

Rivet Networks today announced a new high-performance wireless module, the Killer 1550, that also happens to be the first one introduced as part of a collaboration with Intel. That is not a bad partner to have, and in this case, the result is a wireless module that meets and even surpasses gigabit wireless speeds. More specifically, the Killer 1550 delivers a max throughput of 1.73 gigabits per second.

Let that number sink in a moment. Granted, real-world speeds are never going to hit theoretical maximums when it comes to networking productions—there is always overhead to consider. But even so, by combining Intel's wireless chipset with its own technologies, Rivet Networks is able to leapfrog competing 2x2 wireless devices. and is even faster than a wired gigabit Ethernet connection.

Killer Wireless 1550 Graph
Source: Rivet Networks

"The Killer 1550 is the best PC Wi-Fi module in the market," said Rivet Networks’ CEO Michael Cubbage. "For the first-time, users can now get the absolute best of both Killer and Intel technology. Gamers and performance-minded PC users are going to love both the power and performance the 1550 delivers and the simplicity of how easy it is to use. Alienware and MSI both realize that the best networking experience is critical to their products and they demand the absolute best. The Killer 1550 delivers."

Outside of speed, the benefit of bringing Intel on board is the stability that is typically associated with Intel products. We have had good experiences with Killer products in the past, but Intel is on a different level in that regard.

"Intel is excited to work with Rivet Networks on the Killer 1550 Wi-Fi module," said Eric McLaughlin, general manager of Intel’s Wireless Solutions Group. "Intel’s industry leading Gigabit Wi-Fi technology coupled with Rivet’s prioritization engine can deliver an enhanced experience and ultra-fast connectivity. This is especially relevant for online gamers and others that demand a blazing fast, robust Wi-Fi connection with the ability to prioritize throughput."

As with many Killer products, the Killer 1550 takes direct aim at gamers. It promises both fast speeds and reductions in lag/latency. It is a 2x2 Wi-Fi module with 802.11ac Wave 2 features, including MU-MIMO and 160Hz channels. And on the software side, the Killer 1550 uses a new and improved version of the company's Killer Control Panel, which among other things keeps tabs on what sites and applications are using bandwidth. Users can also optimize performance by adjusting priorities and setting bandwidth limits.

Riven Networks has selected Dell (Alienware) and MSI as its launch partners, though the Killer 1550 chip will find its way into other devices this month and in the months to follow.