RipNAS Unveils Statement SSD & Statement HDD

The Atom-powered RipNAS launched at the beginning of this year. Now, the boutique retailer has introduced two new models, one of which the company is touting as “the world’s first Solid State Drive Ripping NAS”. The RipNAS Statement comes in two models: the Statement SSD (a Solid State Drive with no moving parts) and the Statement HDD (for more storage capacity).

Statement focuses on noise elimination. The Statement SSD has no moving parts or background noise. To help silence the internal drives, the Statement HDD envelopes the drives in a sound absorbing cocoon with passive cooling to the outside case.

The Statement is based on the Windows Home Server OS. It can rip CDs, stream media, and handle networked file storage. Ripping CDs is particularly easy: All you have to do is insert the audio CD and the device will automatically retrieve metadata with quality album art. CDs are ripped using the dBpoweramp ripping engine to a lossless format of your choice. Once the drive has finished ripping the CD, it will automatically eject it.

Asset UPnP, iTunes, SqueezeCenter, SMB / CIFS, and network streaming services are built into the device. On the inside of the RipNAS Statement, you’ll find a dual-core Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, and four USB 2.0 ports. The Statement SSD is available with 500GB (2 x 250GB SSDs). The Statement HDD comes with 3TB (2 x 1.5TB HDDs).

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