Rinse Cleans Up iTunes Libraries For A $39 Fee

iTunes got you down? Perk up! RealNetworks has just announced Rinse, hailed as an "easy-to-use" music clean-up tool that automatically washes and tidies up your iTunes collection. Anyone who has had an iTunes collection going for years on end knows that it's easy to get things out of sorts, but Rinse purports to change that. The tool makes iTunes music collections much easier to browse, organize and enjoy by automatically cleaning up song duplicates, misspellings and missing album art that can plague collections. Entire iTunes music libraries can be fixed with just a few clicks.

The tool is available today, but what this really makes us long for is one of these from Apple themselves. Rinse automatically looks up songs in the Gracenote music database and downloads the correct details for each song, and users can choose to fix songs one at a time in order to see and edit the details before saving them or choose to fix songs automatically. But at $39, why doesn't Apple just toss this in? Our library is in bad shape, but not quite $39 bad-shape.