Ring Beams Security Lights Confirmed By FCC Filings Ahead Of Likely CES 2019 Debut

Ring is looking to… ring in the new year with a couple of new home security-focused devices that leverage its acquisition of Mr. Beams. Ring, which is owned by Amazon, purchased Mr. Beams in January 2018 and vowed to integrate its smart home lighting products into its own portfolio.

ring beams spotlight

The first products to come out of that union are the Ring Beams Spotlight and the Ring Beams Floodlight. The former is powered by four D-Cell batteries, includes a single, high-powered LED light, and includes motion detection.

The latter, however, uses a hardwired power connection and includes more powerful dual LED lights to provide a larger coverage area. While the Ring Beams Floodlight also includes a built-in motion sensor, it can be removed and replaced with a Ring Spotlight, which includes its own motion detection, LED spotlights and motion detection.

ring beams floodlight

Neither of the new Ring Beams devices come standard with camera functionality. However, both products do integrate nicely with the existing Ring smartphone app.

Both of the products were first uncovered in FCC filings (which also included product manuals) by Zatz Not Funny! and will be joined by the Ring Beams Pathlight, Ring Beams Bridge (Zigbee-Wi-Fi), and Ring Beams Landscape Transformer.

Although we don’t have any idea of pricing or availability for the new Ring Beams products, we’re bound to hear more next week at CES 2019.